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Music and The Old Stone Mill

Newport’s Old Stone Mill has been the subject of lots of rumors and music through the years! Today we focus on two works written with the landmark in mind.

Sounds from the Old Stone Mill

T. Brigham Bishop composed this song cycle in 1857. The works were dedicated “Respectfully to the citizens of Newport and visitors of the Old Stone Mill” by the composer. Bishop included this poetry on the cover pages:

We trace some Planets radiant Course;
Tell when the Comet shall return;
Measure the Wind’s resistless force;
And Nature’s mighty secrets learn;
Yet vain our toil when we begin;
Old Tower to trace thy origin;
And as thou art, thou aye will be
A marvel, and a mystery

Included below are the first three songs in the cycle and an audio of the introduction to the second song.

The Introduction to the Ballad

The Tale of the Viking

George Whiting composed this cantata in 1881 with text from a poem by Longfellow. The text of the poem and an explanation by Longfellow are included in the piano score for the cantata and you can read them both below (click on each image to enlarge):

Hear the overture to The Tale of the Viking


Dr. Mark Stickney currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Seacoast Wind Ensemble, in Kittery, Maine. He has 20 years of teaching experience at the college level in music education and performance. He has presented at conferences and guest conducted throughout the United States.

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